About Us

Sean got his very first tattoo at the age of 14 in Hackettstown NJ. To his parent’s dismay, a pixeled image of Super Mario would live on his arm for life.

Little did he know it would spark an addiction to ink and an outlet for self-expression and a passion for the art of tattooing.

From attending tattoo conventions and traveling around the USA, he developed a fascination for all the different styles of tattoo art, from simple line work to more detailed neo traditional.

Sean started TattooClue in an effort to hand-curate and showcase as many tattoo styles and ideas as possible. Much as super mario searches for his captured princess, many of us are searching for that perfect tattoo idea that encompasses our life experience and reflects our personality.

TattooClue is built for both the indecisive and the spontaneous. Our staff works diligently to find styles and ideas for everyone. Even during lunch breaks, we are mind-mapping how to find the best tattoo to inspire our readers.

TattooClue seeks to grow into the internet’s biggest resource for tattoo inspiration. From broad topics for brainstorming your next piece, to specific examples so you can narrow in on what suits your specific taste.

Browse around and get the clues for your next tattoo. Whether it is a sleeve, stick and poke, or fine dot work, you’re bound find something that catches your eye.